Book 12

Grade 7 Descant


Grade Tag: Grade 7 Descant Contains: 57 pieces, 73 pages

Grade 7 Descant

The note range for Grade 7 Descant is also 2 octaves and a tone, Low C to very High D, fully chromatic, including very high C sharp. (The fingering for this note is given at the foot of the page on which it first appears). Here, too, any note or rest may be encountered along with any key. All the previous time signatures will be met plus five/eight. Plainsong is introduced in this book. Performed sensitively it is very beautiful and rewarding. Much of plainsong was composed during the 11th to 15th centuries but at least one part here was created in the 4th century. At the other end of the spectrum there is a piece of unbarred music by Eric Satie. This is playable if the note values are followed carefully rather than a beat followed. (To some extent the same could be said of plainsong). There are a number of substantial works in the book. Sample pages from this book are shown above.

This music is also suitable for: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, etc.


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